Summer 2024

Summer sessions 2024

Please find below a list of all activities along with their respective days, times, and links for booking.

If you are experiencing any difficulties with booking online, you can also ring us at 020 8807 6680 to reserve your spot or visit the Dugdale Art Centre in person.

We wish you a happy and active summer!

Children, Families and Teens

Gymnastics & Trampolining Camp:
Monday - book here
Tuesday - book here
Wednesday - book here
Thursday -book here
*To book all 4 days for £100 please email

Monday - book here
Tuesday - book here
*To book both days for £20 please email

Yoga in the Parks:
Baby Yoga - book here
Family Yoga - book here
Teen Yoga - book here

A10 Skatepark - book here
Albany Skatepark - book here

Boxing in the Park - book here
Girls Golf - book here


Tennis - book here
Nordic walking - book here
Tai Chi Outdoors - book here
Yoga in the Park - book here
Ladies Golf - book here
Ladies Boxing in the Park - book here
Swimming Monday's - book here
Swimming Tuesday's - book here
Swimming Friday's - book here